Sophie Schmeiser

Management, Production Austria, Touring

born 1987 in Vienna studied Roman Philology and Linguistics at the university of Vienna and the Université Jean Moulin, Lyon 3.

She was a member of the dance company Quivive from 2006-2008 which developed pieces for children any youth that were shown in various Austrian theatres and festivals. Her first job as a production manager was between 2010 and 2012 for the theatre collective kadaver exquisit, followed by others such as 2012 for the project Einsturzstraße at the Palais Kabelwerk Vienna, 2014 for Frosch und Tigerente at the Dschungel Wien as well as for the festival Crossbreeds, curated and organised by Im_flieger and 2016 for Function Man during the imagetanz festival. In 2013 she was responsible for organisation and production fort he plattform Trip the light fantastic, since 2014 she is assistant to the finacial manage rat Im_flieger.

Sophie is production and tour manager of Bankett and Simon Mayer.