Pascal Holper

(Monkeymind, SunBengSitting): Sound design, Live-loops

Drummer & Sound Artist, born in 1983.
At the early age of twelve he started touring through Europe as the drummer of the hardcore/punk band "Racial Abuse" and eventually ended up releasing four studio albums within three years before the formation of the band "Cameran" in 1998.
After years of intensive touring with "Cameran" and the release of their album "A Caesarean" he increasingly got involved in exploring new forms of making music and began to experiment with various sound sources and self-constructed instruments to create sound installations and experimental music performances.
Since 2005 he has been working closely with filmmakers, video and media artists, dance performers/choreographers and authors.
Pascal Holper is a member of the street art project "Fa Tech" and the electronic deep pop duo "Aiko Aiko" and currently lives and works in Vienna.