Frans Poelstra

(SunBengSitting, Sons of Sissy): Artistic Advice

Since 1971 he has been working in the theater and now works and lives in Vienna. He graduated at the SNDO in Amsterdam in 1984. In 2003 he started to work with performer/writer Robert Steijn, together they form united sorry. In their publicity they present themselves as a company who "brings semi-intellectual/semi-sentimental and rudimentary-conceptual events in the field of arts." He also works as a solo-artist and is currently doing a research for a solo opera. Besides his collaboration with Robert Steijn and Simon Mayer he is working with Vera Rebl (MAD-dance), Andrea Maurer / Studio 5, Theater im Bahnhof (Graz), and the youth theater company schallundrauch agency. He has been giving workshops in different institutions in Europe (SNDO-Amsterdam, TanzQuartierWien, SEAD-Salzburg, CNDC-Angers, Tanzfabrik-Berlin, Theatre Academy Helsinki, etc.)