Teresa Distlberger

Volxfest: Künstlerische Co-Leitung

Teresa Distelberger ist Filmemacherin, Künstlerin, Muse und Moderatorin. In ihrem ersten Studium der Angewandten Sprachwissenschaft hat sie sich schwerpunktmäßig mit kollektiven und multiplen Identitäten beschäftigt und danach gemeinsam mit u.a. Ruth Wodak diskursanalytische Grundlagenforschung zu „Österreichischen Identitäten“ betrieben.


Teresa Distelberger is a filmmaker, artist, muse and presenter. In her first study of applied linguistics, she focused on collective and multiple identities and then worked together with u.a. Ruth Wodak basic discourse-analytical research on "Austrian identities".


She has designed and facilitated conferences with up to 250 participants, her most formative experience was a group of 50 children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and Nazis, whose encounter she was allowed to attend during the "The Austrian Encounter" symposium over 3 days , She was inspired to complete the 1-year Intergenerational and Collective Trauma Training as part of Thomas Hübl's pocket project in Jerusalem.


Teresa is a co-director and coordinator of the collective documentary THE FUTURE IS BETTER THAN HER CALL, which recently won the ROMY Film Award for "Best Cinematography" and is currently working on a new film about village dying and village life in Austria.

She is co-developer of the "Ecstatic Carnival", a recurring 3-day transformation festival in Vienna to revive and reinterpret the tradition of carnival, and for the first time in 2018 launched the "Salon der Heimatgefühle".

She is currently completing a Masters Degree in Arts in Practice at the Dutch Art Institute, where she deepens her artistic expression in performance art and video installations.