Pascal Holper

(Monkeymind, SunBengSitting): Sound design, Live-loops


Instead of devoting himself to a certain genre of music, Pascal has been concerned more and more with discovering new forms of music production in recent years. He has experimented with various sources of sound and integrated homemade instruments in his music production. Still, he primarily works with computers, electronics and various instruments that produce electronic music. Since 2005, Pascal has been closely collaborating with a variety of people that have an artistic background, such as filmmakers, video and media artists, dancers, choreographers and writers. Next to composing music and sounds for films and videos, live performances of electronic / experimental music and the creation of sound installations, he launched a new electronic music project called “Étiquette“ in 2010 together with Nada Aiko, Hannes Moster and Herbie Kopitar. In 2011, he started the street art project FA TECH together with Nada Aiko and Markus Steinkellner aka Id. That same year, he also started to work on the electronic music project “Aiko Aiko“ with Nada Aiko. Pascal currently lives and works in Vienna.