Team and collaborating artists


Artistic Director
General Management
Production und Touring
Technical Director
Production Belgium, Touring

Collaborating Artists

Stage, Costumes
(Oh Magic...): Performance, Music
(Oh Magic...): Robotics, Electronics & Engineering
(SunBengSitting, Sons of Sissy): Artistic Advice
(SunBengSitting, Sons of Sissy): Light design
(Oh Magic...): Light design
(Oh Magic...): Sound
(Sons of Sissy, Oh Magic...): Performance, Music | (Requiem): Research
(Sons of Sissy): performance, music | (Requiem): Concept, Idea, Music, Composition, Performance
(Monkeymind, SunBengSitting): Sound design, Live-loops
(Sons of Sissy, Oh Magic...): Performance, Music
(Oh Magic..., Requiem): Dramaturgy
(Requiem): Costumes, Set Design
(Requiem): Live Sound
Volxfest: Künstlerische Co-Leitung
(Oh Magic...): Performance, Sound Design